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What's Left of Me - Kat Zhang What's Left of Me was...well, it was good, but it was disappointing in a lot of ways, actually.
I think What's Left of Me is one of those 2 way books where either you completely loved it or it was just disappointing. I definitely went down road number two.

What's Left of Me definitely got off to a great start, but it went downhill after the first 2 or 3 chapters, becoming a long, boring introduction. It did show the strength of the bond between Eva and Addie, but I'm more of an action or cry girl where there a) has to be a giant action scene or b) has to be deep enough that I cry. So the first half definitely didn't go into my type of read, though I'm betting there are a lot of people who will enjoy the depth of the relationships between all these characters, and the way you can easily understand Eva's feelings of frustration and longing.

I'm not quite sure what genres to put this in, not really. Technically, it's a dystopia, but we never learn how we got 2 souls in our body--so it could also be a fantasy/sci-fi kind of book as well since this seemed to take place in a different world, still somewhat similar to ours. But, still, we don't learn much about this world. Worldbuilding is obviously not one of the main points in this book, so we never really got a feel for how harmless this world could be compared to others, or how horrible it could be. There are a lot of holes in the fabric of this world and plot so I was disappointed there as well.

Speaking of the hospital, things definitely picked up there. Suddenly it was fast paced and thrilling, escape plans and all. And the TWISTS? I so wasn't expecting that! I mean, the fading of one soul? That...I can't believe how that happens. It was just shocking and I definitely had a hard time getting over that. The cruelness...

Oh hey, I'm rambling.

The concept of this book was truly fascinating and unique and while this was a bit slow, I think it was mainly because it was the first book. No doubt the sequel will be as action packed as the second half of this and as amazing as I'd expected What's Left of Me to be! I'd definitely recommend this for people who love reading about relationships and understand the wanting of something you can never have.