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Mind Games - Kiersten White I had absolutely no idea how much I absolutely loved this. Seriously. Look at my tweets.
And there were a ton more actually. But they're all pretty much the same.

Walking in, I was a bit skeptical since there were more than enough mixed reviews to make me a bit anxious. But I really shouldn't have worried! Mind Games absolutely blew my mind--and that's a complete understatement.

For a Sci-fi/Supernatural book, Mind Games definitely has some of the most broken characters I've met. They were all so fleshed out--though I do wish we met more "students" besides are heartbreaking sisters and Eden (Annie's friend).
Fia was by far my favorite of the two sisters. She was loyal, smart, and she didn't have to depend on her perfect instinct all the time. She knew what she had to do, when she had to do it, and knew what was unreasonable. I loved her stubborn nature, but her bitterness just broke my heart clean in two. She sacrificed so much for Annie and it definitely wasn't without consequences. She was the broken one, the one that needed saving--but how do you save someone who doesn't want to be saved?
Annie, while not a bad character, just didn't click with me as well as Fia. She was so much more...rude, I guess, and I don't think she fully understood exactly how much Fia was sacrificing and exactly what she needed.

As for the romance, we don't really focus on it, but I adored James so much. He cared so much about Fia and knew exactly what to do and say to comfort her. He may have been an asshole, but he's a sweet one who has all the traits of an arrogant, swoony, love interest.
There's no romance for Annie yet, but I'm pretty sure Adam is her guy. We don't really learn much about him, but he's a very...interesting character.
Kiersten White did a brilliant job creating characters who matched our heroines personality perfectly. Fia had someone who she could find comfort in, but could understand her pain, while I feel like Adam's cheery personality would definitely help Annie start accepting the fact that she couldn't protect her sister 24/7 and that her little sister's already so much more grown up than herself.

The plot was wonderfully paced and while, I realized suddenly, nothing much happens, you just can't help but get addicted to the pages, and just keep on reading. There's something about the way White writes that just pulls you straight in until the end--where you're still going to be begging for more. What does happen keeps me on my toes though and it definitely sets up the sequel wonderfully! I can absolutely NOT wait!

I absolutely loved how Kiersten White chose to tell this story too. We alternate between the past and the present so that we get to fall in love with our characters from the beginning as well as understand them a bit more. It really is heartbreaking how they evolved into the people they were now.

My only complaint is that I would've loved more plot and more focus on their gifts and how they got them, but that's really about it--it didn't affect my reading enjoyment at all!

Stunning, beautiful, and absolutely breathtaking, Kiersten White lives up to her expectations with Mind Games! Heartbreaking characters, a kickass plot, and enchanting writing, I'm not quite sure how this book isn't loved by everyone!