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Starglass - Phoebe North
Starglass completely and utterly destroyed my expectations. I wasn't quite sure what to expect--it reminded me of Across the Universe and it seemed a bit typical. But, it really, really, wasn't.

I'm not quite sure where to start with this review! I loved pretty much everything about it, but I guess what stood out the most was the fact that we're never sure, exactly, who the good guys are until the very end. And I've been waiting forever for that kind of book. Usually we're always so sure of who's the good guy and who's the bad guy, but the lines are blurred in this book which definitely made the entire book more intriguing!

The plot was absolutely genius too. I EXPECTED NOTHING. And the twist in the romance. OHMERGERD. I NEVER saw that coming! The twists were so startling--I about died from shock. There were a thousand twists but nothing was ever too fast-paced or too sudden. It maintained a steady pace that makes readers desperate to know what happens next, but afraid to accidentally miss something.There were so many betrayals and losses that I actually teared up, too. I really am a crybaby!

I loved our main character, though she did tend to trust and judge quickly. She was such a wonderful kind of character who was so real. She had such a hard life and she developed a strong personality, but still managed to stay sweet at times, and understanding. She was a relatable character who's easy to connect to throughout the book and so completely lovable! She was looking for somewhere where she belonged, someone she belonged to. It was so bittersweet.

The romance was very...complicated. Very. There were two guys, yes, but trust me. It was far from a love triangle. And then, at the end...well. Let's just leave it at complicated. Let me just say that I love Silva! Sort of. He was such a, well, teen. And I can say no more. But where it concerns the romance, you're going to be shell shocked, trust me.

I loved the world of the Asherah! We didn't really focus on the world or the ship, but what we did see was well thought out and well detailed. The ship was vivid in my mind and I could see every little nook. I have to hand it to North--she knows how to show not tell!

There's pretty much nothing wrong with Starglass and I loved every second! I read this completely in one sitting from when I woke up all the way to dinner without stop! It was captivating, engaging, and a beautiful read I wouldn't mind reading over and over again until it's my turn to jump on a spaceship to a planet! Which I hope is a good bit from now.