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The Last Academy - Anne Applegate The Last Academy was...disappointing, let's say. I had such expectations because, a) the cover?GORGEOUS and b) it sounded absolutely mysterious and thrilling! But...it wasn't. Not really.

My first problem was that it was actually a bit boring and I couldn't finish after 2 weeks even though I typically finish a book in 3 days tops, 1 day usually. I couldn't get into the book, so, eventually, I skimmed maybe 25 pages in the last half. So I guess I didn't see the "She is suddenly plagued by odd memories" part. So unless I missed something in the first half (totally possible. I couldn't really get into it and forgot most stuff besides what's in my notes), there were only maybe 3 odd memory scenes--not really plagued by them.

And the insta-love. Oh my gosh, the insta-love. It annoyed me to heck and I was not happy. The romance was based on...what? Looks? They barely knew each other! It was like, a small crush, but the L word came out. I didn't understand. They went super fast as a couple, that's all I'm saying.

Ah. Characters. For me? They were a bit flat. I couldn't like them at all and, to me, Camden was annoying. She was so...stupid sometimes, so easily led! And, also, who talks to teachers like that? She pretty much said, to a teacher "You are a dork." except, she said it like "You two/guys are dorks to the level of ten" or something. Mmm...mmmm...no. But she was definitely witty. My favorite? "She usually seemed so...I dunno. Southern. It was like watching Scarlett O'Hara scratch her armpit."

This book really redeemed itself with it's complete originality, though it only really showed up at the end. The very end. I loved it and, honestly? I never would've expected it. How come I never expect these kind of plot twists?! I loved how it was explained and how everything clicked into place--it was the perfect ending! But things never really got interesting until well into the book--maybe two thirds in. The first two thirds? A bit typical high school except with a disappearance--and barely any snooping on Cam's part.

I wouldn't really recommend Last Academy, sadly. Loved the cover and the synopsis sounded thrilling! But it just fell way flat.