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PODs - Michelle Pickett PODs REALLY surprised me! I'm not quite sure why, but I just didn't expect much out of it. Maybe it was the "Seventeen-year-old Eva is a chosen one" part, maybe it was because it sounded a bit typical. But PODs was actually a pretty wonderful read! It was entertaining and sweet and such a fun read!

The only things I didn't really like was how insta-lovey it seemed at first. They fell in love rather quickly, even though they both knew how falling in love in the PODs was a bad idea--but they barely resisted. Maybe this was because there were so many time skips. (More on that later) It was just so annoying to me. And the things they said! They sometimes made me cringe with the cheesiness. David said something along the lines of "I've wanted to do that since I first saw you" after they kissed. It was...hmm.

And to the writing. We actually start our story before the virus is announced, so it was weird. I honestly think it would've been better if we flashed back to the first 4 chapters. Somehow, though, Pickett managed to fit maybe 2 years into the story--which is pretty impressive! But it made the book a bit rocky because everything was rushed. Not to mention that there were so many time skips. We would go from day to day at first, then skip month by month, then to two months, then back to a day or something.
There weren't many twists, but that wasn't to say the plot was kickass! It was. Just not as much as it could've been.

But ooooh it was still wonderful! Eva had so many adventures outside the "villages" (explained if you read the book" and I loved learning about her life in the PODs! It was, by far, my favorite part. Learning about our characters (though we have to say goodbye to some of them) was amazing and they each had such distinct personalities--though we didn't get to learn about some of our minor characters. Eva wasn't the easiest character to relate to but I loved her voice! She was such an adorable (headstrong) character!
But while each character had their own personality, we had to say goodbye to them too quickly. Eva meets and says goodbye to so many people, so it was a bit hard keeping straight who was who!

This book actually reminded me a lot of End Games. It sometimes had that bleak feel to it that I loved and sometimes it seemed like such a fruitless race against time. PODs was definitely a great book that I recommend to apocalyptic fans!

The ending was perfect, by the way.