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Goddess - Josephine Angelini Needless to say, I just absolutely died when I read Goddess. I've been a giant fan of this series since the first book (one of the first YA books I've read actually!) and seeing these characters grow from innocents to warriors, it was sort of heartbreaking. Seeing them die or losing loved ones or being betrayed? Even worse because you can't help but fall in love with all these characters along the series. Saying goodbye is always super hard, but I just absolutely adore this series and that makes it all the harder. (I think my heart has broken too many times because of ending series this year.)

The plot is absolutely fantastic and Josephine Angelini just has a way of making you die inside with every word. There were no end to the betrayals and the twists and, like I said. Absolutely heartbreaking. I had no idea what to expect and shed more than a few tears.
I definitely loved how Angelini managed to basically rewrite the Trojan War into the series. She used the idea of a "cycle" and just brilliantly wrote her own version. The multiple POVs, instead of annoying me, just made me even more antsy and anxious, building the suspense. Until, of course. it just blew up. Right in my face. Oh God.

An absolutely brilliant ending to a brilliant series, I can't help but wish we could watch these characters grow even more, but loved the epilogue and where it left off. It's heartbreaking and unpredictable, exactly like our characters. Filled with betrayals and secrets, Goddess is one of the best sequels I've read, and I definitely recommend the series to anyone and everyone.