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TMI - Patty Blount So another DNF review. I'm not sure why, but I was on a slump when I read this, so maybe that's why...?
This'll be short since I really only had one problem with it. One and a half problems actually?

So the characters were ab-so-lute-ly annoying. Like, I-would-love-to-strangle annoying. I wasn't even sure why they were best friends--they really clashed a lot of times, and I was surprised that this was their first actual fight.
Meg had a one track mind, and I found it unrealistic that someone would be so angry that their dad DIED for what? Over ten years ago? Not to mention that I understand that it would be hard for her to get over it, but I couldn't believe how cruel and judgmental she could be. What kind of best friend...?
Bailey was just so dependent on Meg and it annoyed me to no ends. It's like she couldn't do anything without Meg! In the book, it says that Bailey loved Meg's confidence--what confidence though? Meg was only following a slightly outlined plan, not even foolproof.
The characters were absolutely horrible and unerealistic in my opinion. I sort of loathed them.

The romance was also sort of ridiculous. I didn't even see why...what's his name even liked Meg.
And then, Bailey knew Ryder for LESS than a day and was already setting up plans to meet him? I'm all for internet friends *waves at bloggy friends* but that was over, like, months! It was ridiculous. Bailey sometimes did act like a dumb blond.

So yeah. Not the book for me!