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The Uprising - Lisa M. Stasse Last year, I read and loved The Forsaken! (But please don't click that link, because my review was ugh, like all my 2012 reviews.) But when I got the copy of The Uprising...well, I sort of forgot most everything that happened in The Forsaken. And by then, I'd given my copy away. So you can bet I was a bit confused when I first started.
So if that's your situation, you do get a basic recap, but some of the details are just a little fuzzy. You start remembering why you loved certain characters so much, why your heart broke way back when, and why you absolutely died and begged for this book at the ending.

Oh. And by the way? Ten pages in, and they almost die.

So yeah, The Uprising is just as action packed as The Forsaken, if not more so! It's another desperate game of survival on the wheel (yes. You read that right. They're back on the wheel, and that always means trouble!) and it's just as cutthroat as before. The drones are out and about, as murderous as before, but now under the control of a new "Monk".
I was absolutely dying as I read The Uprising, aching to find out who the new Monk was, who we could trust, and who would die next. Because someone was going to die--you just didn't know who.

The sci-fi and worldbuillding was absolutely genius and was definitely well done! We're introduced to a lot more technology than in The Forsaken and I was fascinated by all the machines. A lot of thought and research seemed to put into it and I loved reading about them and how they worked!

The Uprising doesn't focus on the romance as much as The Forsaken did, and that's a relief considering I wasn't a big fan of it in the first place! I will admit that what cuddly moments we did see were adorable and, well, cuddly. They're a really cute couple actually and they balanced each other out what with Alenna trusting so many people and Liam's wariness around strangers at least.

We meet a ton of new characters, but I seriously disliked Cass, a former drone. She judged everyone quickly and made so many assumptions and was absolutely bloodthirsty. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up betraying the group in book 3!