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Deception - C.J. Redwine Defiance wasn't my favorite book last year, but oh my God this sequel. It absolutely blew my mind and I was breathless the entire time, my heart pounding.

I absolutely, most definitely have to mention the atmosphere of the book. Redwine perfectly captures that feeling of desperation and despair in this world and in our characters. It's stunning how much feeling she could capture in a few subtle word choices and I loved how absolutely heartbreaking the atmosphere fear was, in that morbid way we readers have.

I loved our characters. They were both absolutely badass, but in completely different ways. Rachel was more impulsive and risky, wanting vengeance more than anything, and desperate enough to sacrifice almost anything to get it. She's a character you have to sympathize and it just broke my heart, seeing how torn up she was. Her stubborness and recklessnes sometimes made me want to hit her, but it's one of her many flaws, and made her an even more brilliant character.
Logan is as quick witted and smart as before, but he's now in charge of about 200 people, and you can see it's toll. He's loyal, fair, and almost always knows exactly what to do and what the rational decision is. He brings reason to the table and tries to see the best in others, which goodness knows their group needs.

The plot was just...no. Several things just broke my heart in two and I teared up a lot. Let's just say that C.J. Redwine has no qualms of killing off some of our favorite characters. Or killing our inner fangirls.
Deception is filled with action and twists with murderers and traitors mixed in. While I didn't see the major twist, it was obvious after the first half who the killer was...but I couldn't help but hurt a little when I realized I was right.

Guys, I'm still unsure whether this is more of a fantasy or a dystopian, so I shall call it fantopian. It was great seeing more of how the city-states were and pure fun seeing little bits of our world scattered in the ruins. The author has a talent for the worldbuilding, mixing science with that fantastical feeling!

The romance, or more like Logan and Rachel's relationship, played a giant role in the book. They depend on each other--they're all they have left and every time one of them got hurt, my heart was in my throat, wondering how the other would react. They trusted each other and it was absolutely beautiful how much they loved each other.

An absolutely heart capturing sequel, Deception is an absolutely breathtaking follow up to Defiance. Action packed and threaded with a desperate atmosphere, this book takes you on a wild ride, thrusting you in a world of survival and false hopes.