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Ashes on the Waves - Mary Lindsey To sum this book up in two words, Ashes on the Waves was most definitely hauntingly unique. The Gothic atmosphere just leaves you utterly speechless and the love story leaves you simply breathless. I absolutely fell in love with the couple and with the world Lindsey has created with selkies (some of my favorite mythical creatures!), Na Fir Ghorm, Bean Sidhes, and more! I loved the Celtic lore mixed in with the Gothic feel, creating a truly original world with all the dark and twisted that an Edgar Allen Poe retelling needs.

You can call it insta-love, but this is, in the end, a tragic love story--more so than Romeo and Juliet for sure! It's beautiful and mournful and absolutely heartbreaking. The ending was as tragic as one would expect. Not the glowing HEA I was desperately hoping for, but perfect for the story and perfect for a Poe poem. My only complaint was that it was a bit predictable to me, but the romance was absolutely brilliant.