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Knee Deep - Jolene Perry Knee Deep has got to be one of the best contemporaries of the year. And I mean that this time. I know, I don’t usually read/review contemporary. But that’s only because they make me cry. As in, full out sobbing. And that was no exception for Knee Deep.
Ronnie loves Shawn. He’s her soulmateand it’s just that black and white. Or so she thinks. Suddenly, Shawn is getting a shorter and shorter fuse. He starts getting angry at the smallest things, starts hurting her in ways he never had. And jealous over her best friend, Luke, for no apparent reason. Or is there an actual excuse for his over protectiveness? Because Ronnie is starting to pull away from Shawn and ever closer to Luke, something she doesn’t understand. After all, Luke is just her friend. But something’s going on with Shawn’s family, something he’s hiding.
First off, let me say that I was so irritated by Ronnie’s character. No matter what Shawn did, she always forgave him, thinking that his sudden lash outs were because of his dad’s stress. Come on. But I guess when you’re in love you’re just blind to that. But it still annoyed me to no end, especially when Luke was right there and supporting, helping, her. ARGH. Luke was so sweet and had the perfect boy-next-door feel and I absolutely loved him! Shawn on the other hand was…no, just no. He always seemed truly sorry after each lash out, but the things he did…they were just unforgivable!
This story just broke my heart. It was beautiful and raw and…and…there are no words to describe how much I love Knee Deep. It was so moving and it just tugged on my heart strings. I know this happens a lot, but 50% of the time I spent reading it, I was crying. That’s how much Knee Deep touched me. That’s how much I loved it. Lovers of contemporary should move Knee Deep up on the top of their TBR pile.